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          Samba Percussion Workshops

Brazilian Carnival Style


Workshops in carnival style samba percussion including the rhythms of samba reggae and batucada.

Success comes very quickly and easily, everyone in the room or the hall can be part of a big, big sound in just a few minutes. From the street carnivals of Rio, Samba drumming envelopes all your senses and the Samba bateria (percussion orchestra) comprises of participants learning a multitude of different instruments from small agogo bells to huge surdo drums. This drumming is for parading and the combined rhythmic patterns are easy to learn. Once the rhythms are learnt, everyone will gain a great sense of achievement and be swept up by the exotic sounds of Latin America.

Drumming provides an unusual and stimulating experiential learning opportunity for all participants. The playing process itself is both enjoyable and demanding, while the outcome produces a shared feeling of confidence and satisfaction. Drumming bridges the gap between work and play.

Each workshop can last from one to two hours, or be a whole day with a performance built in at the end.

Samba percussion workshops are suitable for:

Conferences, promotional events, team building, stress management, communication skills or an ice-breaker or event closer.

Instruments provided, and vary in size and loudness. Large numbers of participants can be catered for.

These workshops are also available in a format suitable for children and schools.